Word from our Satisfied Customers

“I have been using the Lavender and Angel Baby for over a year. We have bought so many bars and recommend it to anyone. Love love them goats!” ~ Jo Ann Chapmon

Jo Ann Chpmon

“I have a new love! After using the Cucumber and Green Tea bar soap and body butter for almost one week, my skin is more nourished, hydrated and supple. My doctor complemented me today on how good my skin looked! I was stoked! I have tried so many moisturizers over the past years for my over-50 skin that I had almost given up. I love the simple, all natural ingredients in the Nuluv products—-they are so much healthier than all the commercial additives. Very grateful to have found Nuluv at the Downtown Farmer’s Market!” ~ Mariah McQueen

Mariah McQueen

“I received some goats milk soap as a gift from a friend in Texas and forgot the brand to get some more. Since I don’t live in Texas I thought I’d never get more. I was beyond happy to find Nuluv at the vintage market days and found the exact soap that I fell in love with. I stocked up before I left, and will order more now I know who makes it! Thank you for beautiful products and great service Nuluv!” ~ Lindsay Rowe

Lindsay Rowe

“Everything is amazing! This week we bought 7 bars of soap because we loved all the scents. Next week I plan to pick out a body butter, I sampled one today and the smell is driving me crazy! These are the best goats milk soap products I’ve had in a long time. Y’all are wonderful- Thank you!” ~ Bekah Jordan

Bekah Jordon

“I picked out a body butter in Canton a few months ago, and my mom just surprised me with it for my birthday! I am literally in love! I have very sensitive, pimple-prone skin and this stuff leaves me skin supple and moisturizer yet break-out free! And the smell stays ALL day. I will never buy any other kind of lotion again!” ~ Hailey Brown

Hailey Brown

“Ah-mazing! I’m a fan since the day I sampled the body butter and saw how my skin absorbed the moisture & felt ultra-silky within minutes. The soaps have literally cleared up my dry skin patches (oily skin that also dries out too much). So, I agree with a previous reviewer: “I absolutely LOVE this product, and NuLuv’s customer service is top notch!” Starry Night body butter is the most alluring, enigmatic, luxurious scent I have ever experienced. I highly recommend NuLuv Goat Milk products to anyone! You’ll fall in love and never look back.”  ~ Debbie Garcia

Debbie Garcia


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