Travel Lotions


2oz travel bottle of lotion – available in a wide range of fragrances!


❤ Hope ❤

Hope Mommies ( )is an organization that exists to bring the Hope of Christ to bereaved mothers and families experiencing infant loss.

For every ❤ Hope ❤  travel lotion sold, Nuluv donates one ❤ Hope ❤  travel lotion to the Hope Boxes that Hope Mommies assembles for those mothers who are grieving their children.

❤ Hope ❤  is comes in 2 different color labels:

❤ Hope ❤ Blue is a  fresh fragrance blended with apricots, coconut, vanilla, sweet corn and orchids (Summer Lovin’)

❤ Hope ❤ Pink is a refreshing blend of amazon flowers (Herbal Mist)


Seasonal Selections:

January - Texas Snowflake

February - Texas Snowflake

March - Blue Moon

April - Blue Moon

May - Beach Blanket (the original)

June - Beach Blanket (the original)

July - Beach Blanket (the original)

August - Summer Lovin'

September - Summer Lovin'

October - Spiced Tea

November - Spiced Tea

December - Texas Snowflake


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