Milk Bath


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A 36 oz. bottle of our luxurious milk bath is sure to usher in some blissful quiet time.  This is not bubble bath!
Think of a rich and creamy milk bath. Simply add it to you bathwater – a lid full or half the bottle – your call! This is a great selection for babies with eczema or real sensitive skin!

Our liquid soaps are not made to lather.  Most commercial body washes or liquid hand soaps have what is called “foaming agents” in them (these are the long chemical names that none of us can pronounce).  These foaming agents are used to make the liquid lather.  This does not make you any cleaner.  In fact, foaming agents strip your skin of natural moisturizers, leaving your skin tight and itchy.  We don’t add these to our liquid soaps.  Our liquid soaps are created to cleanse and moisturize.  They are thin and silky – not bubbly.

Seasonal Selections:

December, January & February: Texas Snowflake – an earthy blend of peppermint and pine

March – May: Blue Moon – a fresh blend of herbal teas and melons

June – August: Summer Lovin’ – a flirty blend of citrus and apricots, with notes of wild orchid and an earthy oak

September –  November: Spiced Tea – a toasty blend of cinnamon, clove and orange peel

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Amazing Grace, Angel Baby, Lavender, Black Dress, Herbal Mist, Lemon Lush, Sweet Almond, Starry Night, Plain Jane (fragrance free), Scruffy, Seasonal Scent, Beach Blanket


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